I get really excited about my class and enjoy it. Miss Wilson is so nice.

— Grade 1 Ballet student

Elite Classes

Elite dance classes

‘Elite’ classes are for those children who are showing a particular talent and passion for dance. These extra classes will help develop the children’s technique and performance and accelerate the development of their dance skills.

Children attend these classes by invitation only, in addition to other Just Dance classes. Students will be invited back on a termly basis depending on their suitability to the class.

Elite Classes are held on Fridays in the dance studio at Nuffield Gym with Mrs Salt.

We are looking for:

  • High attendance – this class is a priority to other events or invitations.
  • Punctuality to class
  • Immaculately presented with the correct uniform
  • Hair in crossover plaits every week
  • Keen readiness to learn and a good attitude
  • Practising at home ready for the next class

These classes are to prepare the children for the professional world of dance therefore we expect this high standard in all the areas mentioned above.

An Elite workshop will be held every school holiday, three times a year at Easter, Christmas and Summer. 


Elite Competition Team

The Elite Competition Team is a small group of students who are excelling in the Elite Classes and are actively representing Just Dance in competitions and festivals. The team meet once a week  The weekly meet up is to perform dances to one another, learn group dances and allow the team to inspire one another to reach their full potential. 

We are looking for:

  • A high level of performance, technique, flexibility and dedication
  • Students are keen to pursue a career in dance
  • Students will prioritise their dance classes over other clubs, allowing for a high level of dedication 
  • Compete in Festivals, often at weekends and in half terms.



  • Orpington Festival
  • Tunbridge Wells Festival
  • Tonbridge Festival

I get really excited about my class and enjoy it. Miss Wilson is so nice.

— Grade 1 Ballet student