I get really excited about my class and enjoy it. Miss Wilson is so nice.

— Grade 1 Ballet student

Future Exam Dates

ISTD Exams 2017-2018


November 2017 
19th November – Rehearsals
26th November – Modern and Tap Exams

Confirmed Groups:
Matfield Grade 6 Modern (Wed 7:30pm )
Matfield Grade 1 Modern (Wed 3:45pm)
Matfield Grade 2 Modern (Wed 4:15pm)
Groombridge Grade 1 Tap (Tues 5:45pm)
Groombridge Grade 2 Tap (Tues 6:15pm)
Holmewood Grade 2 Modern (Mon 5:15pm)


January 2018 at Holmewood House School
21st January – Rehearsals
28th January – Ballet Exams

Confirmed Groups:
Horsmonden Primary Ballet (Sat 11:15am)
Horsmonden Grade 1 Ballet (Sat 12:45pm)
Holmewood House Primary Ballet (Tues 4:45pm)
Somerhill Grade 1 Ballet (Mon 5:30pm)


March 2018 
18th March – Rehearsals **note change of date
25th March – Ballet Exam **note change of date

Confirmed Groups:
Brenchley Grade 3 Ballet (Sat 1:00pm)
Rusthall Primary Ballet (Fri 4:45pm)
Groom Class Exam 1 Ballet (Tues 5:00pm)
Cranbrook Class Exam 1 Ballet (Wed 5:30pm)
Paddock Wood Primary Ballet (Sat 11.15am)
Matfield Grade 4 Ballet (Wed 6:15pm)
Horsmonden Class Exam 1 Ballet (Sat 12pm)
Nuffield Grade 2 Ballet (Mon 5:45pm) 

May 2018
6th May- Rehearsals **note change of date
20th May- Exams

Possible Groups, some may be moved to June 2018 dates below:

Rusthall Grade 2 Ballet (Fri 6:15pm) 
Rusthall Grade 1 Ballet (Fri 5:30pm) 
Matfield Grade 4 Modern (Wed 4:45pm) 
Holmewood Grade 2 Tap (Thurs 5:00pm)
Brenchley Grade 3 Tap (Tues 6:00pm)
Holmewood House Grade 2 Modern (Mon 6:00pm)
Nuffield Primary Ballet (Sat 10:45am)
Holmewood House Grade 1 Modern (Mon 6:00pm)
Holmewood House Grade 1 Tap (Thurs 4:30pm)
Brenchley Grade 1 Modern (Tues 4:15pm)


June 2018
23rd and 24th June- Rehearsals
30th June and 1st July – Modern and Tap Exams
7th and 8th July – Ballet Exams

Possible Groups:

Cranbrook Primary Ballet (Wed 4:45pm)
Groombridge Primary Ballet (Tues 4:15pm)
Groombridge Primary Tap (Thurs 3:45pm)
Groombridge Grade 1 Ballet (4:15pm)
Holmewood House Year 1 Primary Ballet (Tues 4:00pm)
Holmewood House Year 3 Grade 1 Ballet (Tues 5:30pm)
Holmewood House Primary Modern (Mon 3:30pm)
Holmewood House Grade 2 Modern (Mon 4:30pm)
Holmewood House Grade 1 Tap (Mon 6:30pm)?
Holmewood House Grade 2 Ballet (Thurs 5:30pm)
Holmewood House Primary Tap (Thurs 4:00pm)
Paddock Wood Primary Ballet (Sat 10:30am)
Paddock Wood Grade 1 Ballet (Sat 12:00pm)
Paddock Wood Grade 3 Tap (Sat 1.30pm)
Somerhill Year 2 Primary Ballet (Wed 12:15pm)
Somerhill Year 1 +2 Grade 1 Modern (Fri 4:00pm)
Somerhill Year 1 +2 Primary Tap (Tues 12:15pm)
Somerhill Year 1 Primary Ballet(Mon 4:00pm)


November 2018
Dates TBC

Holmewood House Grade 1 Modern (Mon 4:00pm)
Paddock Wood Grade 3 Ballet (Sat 12.45pm) 
Groombridge Grade 3 Ballet (6:45pm)
Matfield Grade 5 Modern 


Spring 2019
Dates TBC

Brenchley Grade 4 Ballet


Summer 2019
Dates TBC

Holmewood House Year 6,7,8 Grade 3 Ballet (Tues 6:15pm)

I get really excited about my class and enjoy it. Miss Wilson is so nice.

— Grade 1 Ballet student