Thank you so much for all the energy and commitment that you obviously pour into your classes.

— Parent, Tunbridge Wells


  • Mummy and Me Ballet classes

    Dance with Me Ballet

    Mummy and Me Ballet aims to develop listening skills, memory, co-ordination and basic motor skills through creative movement.

  • Pre-school Dance

    Pre-school dance

    Each class has a clear structure introducing the children to the basic steps of dance with the beginnings of Ballet technique.

  • Children's ballet classes


    Our classes provide the opportunity for children to learn ballet technique in a fun and interactive way.

  • Children's modern dance classes

    Modern dance

    Modern dance gives girls and boys the opportunity to develop a more current style of dance to up-to-date music.

  • Children's tap dance classes

    Tap dance

    Tap is excellent for developing a sense of rhythm and musicality.

  • Children's street dance classes

    Street dance

    Street dance offers the chance to learn the most recent dance moves to current chart music.

  • Children's Musical Theatre classes

    Musical Theatre

    Musical Theatre enables the children to learn dancing, singing and acting in an enjoyable way.

  • Elite dance classes

    Elite Classes

    For those children who are showing a particular talent and passion for dance.

Thank you for teaching the girls this year and for all the fun, colour and order you’ve infused into the dance classes and letters.

— Parent, Tunbridge Wells